Our service is our title soundtrack


System Design is the planning that lays the basis for the making of every system. We at Crescendo AV utilize over 37 years of design experience along with some of the most talented and highly trained personnel in the industry to bring your project to life. Every aspect of the project is carefully laid out to ensure a successful finished product. Our team of professionals work closely with you and your architect so no detail is left out. With this approach we can design our elements into the overall design of the project making for a world-class sound, lighting and video system.


To properly design a sound system, you must take into consideration many key elements of the space the system will be used in as well as the features needed for the end-user. Our expertise in the area of sound system design allows us to match the perfect system to your environment. We specialize in the following areas:
  • Background music systems for Restaurants
  • Thumping Nightclub Sound Systems
  • High output, low profile systems for Ultra Lounges
  • Multi function “Live Performance” systems
  • Public Address systems
Whatever your needs are, you can count on our illustrious and committed design team to create the perfect solution for your venue.


Video has become a major element of design in all types of venues today. Video is everywhere we go - Restaurants, Sports Bars, Night Clubs and Ultra Lounges and places of public assembly. Crescendo AV is constantly ahead of the curve utilizing the latest technology and formats available. From the small single display up to custom display creation, video matrixing and large image blending Crescendo AV has the experience, creativity and ability to project your dream on the BIG Screen !


Architectural acoustics is the discipline of controlling sound in a building. This includes evaluating the shape, furnishings, interior finishes and other acoustic characteristics of rooms to control reverberation and echoes. It also involves designing partitions for good acoustical separation.
At Crescendo AV, we strive to balance intuitive skills with science and engineering. Some of the more common acoustical parameters that we evaluate include reverberation, early and late reflections, echoes, focusing of sound, speech intelligibility and speech privacy. We listen to our clients to provide them with acoustical designs tailored to the needs of the end user whether the facility is a night club, a pub, an auditorium, gymnasium, boardroom or a classroom.
For renovations or corrective applications, we have equipment in-house to conduct acoustical measurements. These measurements include reverberation time, 1/3 octave band frequency analysis and noise reduction testing (field STC, IIC and NIC). The latest computer modeling software is used to virtually construct and evaluate critical spaces.


Lighting is a key element in any space. A proper lighting system can change the “drab” into “spectacular” at the flick of a switch. Our lighting designs have captivated audiences around the country. As an industry leader, Crescendo AV has created the benchmark for the industry standard of today’s club and venue lighting systems.
Our lighting services offer:
  • Complete design and custom fabrication
  • User-friendly Control systems
  • Motorized Lighting Rigging
  • Complete system programming
We believe that no two lighting designs should be the same. Each design should be customised for the specific space and needs of that project.


Today’s high-tech advanced entertainment sound, lighting and video systems require special attention during the installation process to ensure the proper outcome. The installation technicians at Crescendo AV have the training and experience to properly install your system to factory specifications as well as carry out system calibration and system programming. No installation is complete without the proper end-user training that comes with every Crescendo AV installation so you and your staff know how to properly operate and maintain your new investment.

Service – After Sales

The proper maintenance and service of your sound, lighting and video system is important to the longevity and carefree operation of its components. Our service department is fully stocked with all the necessary parts and components to keep your system running at its optimum performance. Our service technician’s are factory certified and trained on all aspects of equipment repairs. From our scheduled services contracts to emergency repairs Crescendo AV is always there for you.